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Terms and conditions subject to change

These terms and conditions constitute an official agreement made between you (the client or site visitor) and 7 Design Studio (, concerning your access to and use of any service done by 7 Design Studio ( You agree that by accessing this site you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all of these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM USING THE SITE AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY. 


 If a service has been paid for and the client requests a cancellation, the required 50% deposit will not be refunded under any circumstance. Due to the amount of inquiries and projects in queue, the payment is kept to cover the costs of loss business and time consumed.

 If a client has come to the conclusion they want to cancel after receiving designs mid-project, any additional payments along with the required 50% deposit will not be refunded. Any designs that have not yet been forwarded/presented to the client remains under the ownership of 7 Design Studio and will not be sent to the client for personal or public use under any circumstance. 


 Each client has a timeframe of 7 days to send all the required information for the project before the requested service is terminated. Failure to do so will lead to a fee of $45 to have a follow-up consultation and restart the project. Please note, the designer cannot execute the project without the necessary information. After the required deposit is made, the client is now on the calendar to complete the work within the discussed timeframe. This clause keeps us on time and if any delays do occur, it makes up for it. All projects are scheduled and project delays affect other clients and work. Reminders are sent out to the clients everyday or every other day.

7 Design Studio has the right to cancel any project(s) under these circumstances:

  1. Client is not able to abide by the turnaround time for the project; constantly contacting and/ or rushing designer.

  2. Client refuses to make payment for any changes/additions that was not requested during initial consultation.

  3. 7 Design Studio is unable to meet the expectations of the client; Client constantly disapproves provided samples that were created following the information received in the consultation with the client. 

  4. Client is deemed difficult to work with; constantly produces complex situations that interfere with the goal of project, is constantly displeased/unsatisfied, or is not abiding by the given turnaround time for the project.



 All payments (including deposits and consultation fees) are non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever. The service/skills executed for the project, time consumed and loss of potential clientele must be covered. Refund requests are not acceptable if an individual has buyer's remorse, decides to do business elsewhere or no longer needs the service done. 


All projects under $100 require FULL payment to proceed. Website design projects require a 50% deposit to begin and the remaining balance will be paid on the dates presented in the web design contract. If any changes/additions that are not discussed during the consultation are made anytime during the project, the additional fees will be added to the final deposit. Failure to make final payment will result in client not receiving the completed project, rights/ownership of the project & late fees added each week. 


Each project has a specified turnaround time for completion. All information required or requested by the designer must be provided within 5-7 days. Any information sent after will be added within 5-7 business days. This does not include product photos. 


All clients will receive full ownership of the design upon approval, completion and full payment receipt. Client is free to display their design where they wish. 

All designs made by 7 Design Studio are not to be resold to any third-party consumers. Client must not give any misleading information in reference to the original creator of the design and the company (7 Design Studio). 

All samples that were sent to the client remain under the ownership of 7 Design Studio and are not to be used elsewhere.


All websites created by 7 Design Studio are built on Wix or Shopify (upon request). 

If a project (website design or revamp) has already commenced and the client wishes to switch the platform where the project is currently being executed there will be a $200 fee. A web design contract will be sent to client once price quote is approved and deposit is made. 


Each service has a listed turnaround time and specific amount of free revisions. When a project is completed it is sent to the client and revisions can be made by the client. Revisions allow the client to make minor changes or additions. Anything major or that is not related to what was confirmed during the consultation will be an additional charge. Each time the requested changes are made and sent to the client, it is considered as one (1) round of revisions. 

Once the amount of revisions included in the service are completed a $25 revision fee applies.


Consultations are $45.00 and the cost will be deducted from the cost of your service. All consultation sessions are 30 minutes and held via phone call or zoom. Consultations allow the client to discuss further details with the designer and to also find out any other information. All consultation fees are non-refundable. All payments must be made via bank transfer.


All information for the client's website should be sent to us via e-mail ( unless stated otherwise. Please refrain from sending information to us via Whatsapp.


10AM-7PM: Monday-Friday

10AM-2PM: Saturday (appointments only)

CLOSED: Sunday & Holidays


All consultations can be requested through email or whatspp. You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule a consultation. All designer-client interactions are held via email: 7designstudio@graphic-designer.comIf you contact us after or before business hours, we will get back to you during business hours. Thank you.


All projects are deemed completed after the client has made final payment, revision, approval and the ownership of the project has been transferred. 

A $50 fee will be required for any requested revisions after the project is completed.

  • How can I book a service?
    To book a service visit the 'book a service' page on the website. All services can be booked online except website design services.
  • How can I book a consultation?
    To book a consultation visit the 'Book a consultation' page located on the menu bar.
  • Will I be able to update my inventory/services on my own?
    Yes. The client can access their inventory/services to make changes.
  • Will I be able to accept payments on my website?
    Yes. Payments can be accepted on your e-commerce website as long as you have the following: Bahamas Clients: A business bank account (RBC, Scotia or CIBC) or Paypal or an EIN from the USA USA Clients: EIN or SSN and a bank account.
  • How can I book your web design service?
    To book a web design service you would need to complete the client web design form. It is located on the "Get a quote" page on the menu.
  • Can my website be maintained on a monthly basis?
    Yes. We offer monthly website maintenance starting at $125. Monthly maintenance packages and fees may differ depending on the requirements of the client.
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